Point Of Cage

CCF started brooding and rearing farm in 2015 with a capacity of 5,000 birds on deep litter, but has grown to 50,000 capacity on battery cage system. The Day Old Chicks (DOC), are obtained from some of the most reputable hatcheries in the country. The birds are brood and reared in battery cages, which has been instrumental in achieving a high level of uniformity of over 80%. This rearing technology has also helped to achieve expected body weight gain and low mortality of less than 3%.

Our birds have access to high quality feed as CCF formulates and mills its own feed, which is one of the reasons the birds are of good quality.

CCF does not compromise on the brooding and rearing program as medications and vaccinations are strictly followed and accomplished.

CCF delivers quality Point-of-Cage (POC) and Point-of-Lay (POL), with the birds attaining peak production of 93% at an average age of 28 weeks.

CCF also renders after sales service to our POC and POL customers, by providing them with ‘POC monitor’ which is used to assist them in monitoring the further development of the birds and ensure they stay profitable.

CCF has highly competent man-power in the brooding and rearing section headed by Akeem Akanbi, Msc. in Animal Science, who reports to Dr. James Udebhulu, a Veterinary Doctor with vast experience in the industry.