The primary product of the layers farm is eggs, which are laid by the birds under intensive battery cage system. CCF layer farm commenced operation in 2014 with two pens of total capacity of 10,000. The layers farm has been growing steadily over the years and currently has six layers pen, with a total capacity of 50,000 birds. The birds are reared in battery cage system. The pen houses are semi-automated pens, which are built on east west orientation.

The layers farm operates under high level of biosecurity. The company’s operates a system that rewards staff that meet their target. This has helped to engender co-operative competition among the staff, which has helped the company to attain optimal production.

The layers farm is manned by well qualified and multivated staff, who are constantly trained on poultry farm management practice. The layer farm is headed by Christian Isuku, Bsc. Human Physiology.


Eggs Production

Not everyone is aware of egg quality. It is related to both the outside (shell) and inside (contents) of the egg. This relates to the appearance, the cooking quality and the eating quality of the egg. At CCF, all these quality are considered in our egg production. With our quality feeds, our egg yolk appear with a rich yellow color, the egg weight is standard as we always ensure that our eggs are fresh daily and stored in a cool place. The shells of our eggs are tough and don’t breakup easily, since they are produced by top quality, healthy aged birds. Try our eggs today and come back for more..

Spent Layers
At the end of a bird’s egg production stage, they are known as spent layers or old layers as they are called in Nigeria. This usually occurs after about 12-15 months of consistent egg production. When the the egg production rate has dropped below 50% and the income they generate is not enough to pay for their feeds and other associated cost, they are sold as a spent layer. In CCF, we offer such spent layers of top quality body weight for sale at affordable prices.