Poultry farming which includes the rearing of birds for meat and egg production is a very profitable venture with the right expertise.

CCF is a leading poultry farm consultant with over 150,000 birds under its management. We operate a high-tech and scientific poultry farming and provide poultry farm consultancy through better utilization of resources, cost effective and profitable solutions and provides maximum satisfaction. We believe in business ethics. We have highly professional team of subject matter specialist of agriculture and allied disciplines.

As part of the consultancy services, we assist in the development of project proposal and business plan, selection of site for the poultry farm, setting-up of structure, selection of breed of birds, purchase of machine and equipment for poultry farming, supply of chicks, rearing of birds, vaccination of birds, insect and disease management of birds, feed, supplement nutrition, sales of egg, sales of the birds, minimization of loss and other requirement for the commercial viability of the poultry farm.


Operating Models

In providing business advisory services, the following are the models available:

  • Co-management
  • Full management
  • Advisory Service


Our Business Advisory Clients

BEIJ Farms Atoyo, Ijebu North East LGA Ogun State: 10,000 layers
Carliste Farm Asaba, Oshimili North LGA Delta State
C-3V Farms, Aragba, Orogun LGA Delta State: 25,000 layers and a 10 tons daily Feedmill
KG Farms, Ovia, Ovia North LGA Edo State: 12,000 layers.


Benefits of working with CCF

Mitigate the risk of business failures
Provide relatively guaranteed net cashflow
Gives investors the opportunity to learn without paying a huge price from failures associated with new businesses.


Who is CCF Business Advisory Services meant for?

Individuals who want to setup businesses that can provide them with regular and guaranteed cashflow at retirement or multiple streams of income
Those who have dreams of investing in agriculture to make profit, create employment and also leverage the opportunities in accessing cheap funds from development finance institutions
Poultry farms that have been experiencing challenges with management and require turn-around

Several studies have shown that less than 20% of start-ups businesses in Nigeria survive after 5 years. However, with Franchises/Business Advisory Services, the rate of survival of the start-ups increases to over 90%. Worse still, we believe the rate of failure of start-ups in the Agricultural sector is even much higher, as we have seen a lot of start-up farms struggled in the first few years of operation and eventually closed down with monumental losses. This is primarily due to wrong business decisions and poor management practices. We are confident that we can significantly reduce the rate of failures of start-up farms by operating a poultry farm Franchise/Business Advisory Services. Our confidence stems from the fact that we have operated similar model through business advisory services for the past few years and we have recorded tremendous successes.

The goal of CCF is to help drastically reduce the rate of failures in poultry farms and create many farms with thousands of jobs. The Franchise/Business Advisory Service will provide a successfully tested system of poultry farm management systems and services that can easily be replicated. Thus, instead of starting a new farm for yourself, with all the attendant risks and high possibility of failure, CCF franchise will be there to help the farm succeed. Besides, with our country’s high unemployment rate, jobs can be the greatest good we can give our people, both in terms of income and dignity. As we know, farming is the largest employer of labour, and operating a franchise model will provide the best mechanism for helping small-scale farms to succeed.